Girl's Basketball--New Shooter here...Help and Comments please!

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Re: Girl's Basketball--New Shooter here...Help and Comments please!

luvmybec wrote:

Keep in mind I am a new shooter and am just learning the basics. Are there any other settings I should attempt to get better shots with the equipment I have? Would an 85mm prime lens be too long for these shots from the end of the court? Are there any other inexpensive Minolta lenses that might take better shots than this one? All help, criticism and comments are greatly welcomed! Thanks!

I've shot 100s of thousands of high school basketball photos over the years - with Konica-Minolta, Sony, Nikon and Canon cameras, but most of them have been with KM/Sony. A lot of those have been with the 50/1.7 Minolta lens. It's a good choice for the baseline.

These days I'm shooting more with my Canon 1D MkIV, which is a 1.3 crop camera and the Canon 85/1.8 that GPapa referenced. It's about perfect for the baseline IMO. But there's no comparably priced lens for the A mount. The best choice would be the Sigma 85/1.4 HSM but it's a premium lens with a $1,000 price tag.

My favorite A mount basketball lens is the Sigma 50-150/2.8 HSMII.

Unfortunately it has been replaced by a newer version with IS but the new version is big and heavy and it doesn't have IS in Sony mount anyway. If you can find a used one I'd recommend it. It should be about $500 - $600 used. They occasionally pop up on the Sigma outlet refurbished lens page.

I'm shooting with an A77 these days and it's fine at ISO 3200 if shooting Raw and post processing in Lightroom or DxO Optics Pro. I know from my experience with an A55 that you can use ISO 6400 if you need it on your A57 (same sensor). So get your shutter speed up to at least 1/500. I'd shoot the 50/1.7 in A priority mode at f2.2 or so and adjust the ISO high enough to keep the shutter where you want it. Or, shoot in full manual mode as others have adjusted. Just shoot Raw and know you are going to have to adjust exposure regardless of which way you go with your shooting mode.

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