Rokinon MF lenses on your DG, anyone?

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Re: Rokinon MF lenses on your DG, anyone?

BobT wrote:

Are you Digital Rebel shooters using any of the Rokinon Manual Focus lenses on a regular basis? I have read that these lenses are reputed to be pretty decent. If you are users, which lenses are you using, and for what subjects? Does the camera's focus assist dot or beep, activate to aid in make sharp focusing? Or are these lenses focused completely by the eye of the shooter?

Yes I regularly use the 14mm f2.8 on my 400D, 50D, 7D and 5DMKII. While it has more dramatic results on a FF camera, its results in an APC camera are also very good. The manual focus is not a problem at 14 mm, if you use hyperfocal techniques. For instance, at f5.6 on the 5DMKII you put the focus at 0.7 meters and the lens will give sharp results from 0.4m  to infinity. On the 400D you have to focus about 1.2 meters and you get sharp results from 0.8 to infinity. In other words, you can just let the lens at those settings and forget about focusing.


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