Credit Card Extended Warranty Reminder

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Re: Credit Card Extended Warranty Reminder

Jimmy K. wrote:

Sure, it is good to get the free extra warranty. Doesn't hurt. But just be aware that the coverage is very limited and you cannot count on this warranty.

I have tried to use the warranty twice and both times were unsuccessful. There are a lot of fine prints and exclusions.

Once was for rental car with AMEX. Cracked window from rock/screw. The exclusion was that the rental was longer than allowed period (7 days or something).

Second time was for Canon G2 stolen in home burglary, with VISA or MC. Yes, that was a while back as Canon series now at G15. I forgot what was the exact reason, but that time was also excluded. I know they exclude theft from car, but there were also conditions with home burglary.

Not sure I follow these examples, sounds more like insurance than warranty claims.  I have Visa and if if purchase an item it has extended warranty should the item fail.  This is along the lines and similar to the manufacturers warranty.  If I purchase travel it includes travel insurance, this insures some items during the travel period.  Not aware of much else thats covered?

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