Trip to South Africa: Upgrade k100d or add another lens? - suggestions welcome!

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Re: Trip to South Africa: Upgrade k100d or add another lens? - suggestions welcome!

Hi Omesh,

I have not read all the replies but here is my take. I lived in SA for a couple of years and have also done a number of safaris since and been to Vic falls.

Dominique's reply I go along with entirley , I have spoken to her in the past about some of my trips and she has done more than I.

The  50 - 200 is short for a lot of shots but also it is a slow lens and this is where it gets difficult cost wise. Most of your game drives are going to be early morning or at dusk ( this is when you generally see the best game ) so low light , you really need a f2.8 lens but they are expensive . I had a 70-200 f2.8 . I was taking shots at f2.8 1600 iso to get the shutter speed any where near reasonable. I also had a Sigma 150-500. easiier to handle than the 50-500 and hardley any difference in IQ.During the day the light is amazing so you will peobably be shooting at F11 or there abouts with an iso of 200. In my film days I shot iso 25 on slides there.

The other issue will be DUST.  East Africa can be very dusty, It gets every where if you are not careful. I did a safari in Kenya once and we were stil finding red dust in bags 9 months later :-).

SA is not as bad but still  dusty but you don't always notice it until too late. Take a cleaning kit of some sort. A big blower at the very least.

Think about a WR lens/Cameara combo and dont change lens in the open if it can possible be avoided. Also Vic Falls has it's own micro climate for about half a mile either side , it is a rain forrest so very damp. There is a constant fine spray from the falls close to it.

Take plenty of SD cards or something to copy them to, you never have enough

As I said at the start it will be a cost descision and one I cannot make for you. The 50-300 is a good lens ( I have one )  but is not fast or WR  but a good compromise. The 21mm is a great lens in my opion and wish I had that whe I was at Vic falls.

Don't bother with a Tripod for safari , there will not be enough room in the Vehicles. Take a small bean bag ( empty ) and either buy some beans there or fill it with some sand. Rest the lens on that.

What sort of Bag do you have ? Make sure it is easiy to get thing in and out of when in a Vehicle with a number of other people. You usually get between 6 and 10 in one of the land rover types but if you are in a small bus ( not as good as there windows ) you should have enough room.

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