Looking for buy first DSLR-mirrorless etc around 700$ a57 etc

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Re: Looking for buy first DSLR-mirrorless etc around 700$ a57 etc

Dshinystar wrote:

Thank you so much, for the help Mister Bjorn_L , truely appreciated your valuable comment , so far it's the a57 that truely attracted me at 700$ but... I love the GH3 for his video-feature... truely out of this world camera.... but 1550$ my estimate with kit lens, is way too much money for a noobish like me... but on second thought

would the GH3 be better if i need more gear? lens wise,flash, adapter, microphone etc...

dilemma "suddenly more oriented to gh3... but the price is still a lot for a first DSLR" decision decision decision ;p

No, Sony is in 3rd place when it comes to amount of available gear.  It uses the Minolta mount and can use some it those older items.  The GH3 uses the micro-fourthirds mount, which means it can use the same lenses and stuff from Panasonic and Olympus.  Interestingly Sony just made a very large investment in Olympus so they might be adding stuff there as well, but not yet.

If you are concerned about lenses, flashes, other add-ons and upgrades, the two brands to look at are Nikon and Canon.  They both sell around 40% of all DSLRs.  Bigger market = more accessories.  They can simply afford to make more stuff and more varied stuff then those with 2-3% marketshare.  Also they get the best support from 3rd party companies too (same reason more people to sell those add-ons to).

Sony sells more cameras than Panasonic.  You can compare lenses available here at DPReview (pull down the lenses menu).

The GH3 (based on my my playing with the GH2 and reviews of the gh2 by experianced folk) will be better at casual video than the a57.  The a57 will probably be a little better at low light.  Neither one will match a Nikon or Pentax in low light.

Every camera is about compromises.  Which feature set best suits you is personal.  Budget plays a role too.  The gh3 is very expensive.  In large part because of the success of the gh1 and gh2 in video.  But also because the gh3 is weather sealed, and has some other high end features, for example an extremely high end OLED EVF and the highest bit-rate in video without going to a full-frame (professional) camera.  If video was very important to me the Gh3 would be my choice with the a57 being my 2d choice for casual video.  For your budget and your stated goals, the a57 does seem a better fit over the gh3.  The only camera I see fitting as well was the d5100 which is better at stills but not as good at video (over simplified).

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