D7000 - Any Add-on or 'Genius' to Get Articulated Live View Screen Functionality?

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Re: D7000 - Any Add-on or 'Genius' to Get Articulated Live View Screen Functionality?

dominikpl72 wrote:

have look at this:


or this:


Do You people know similar solutions ?

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greetings from Poland

I actually have the Swivi.  For an external monitor it fits nicely around the D7000, is pretty compact, has great image quality.  It has an issue with not tightening as much as you'd like (the camera sometimes rotates in its holder), but overall works great and I've used it on video shoots.  That said, it ain't tiny, and adds a lot of bulk to the camera.  You wouldn't want it for walking around the neighborhood taking shots; I'd only use it for dedicated video projects.

Years ago I tried an earlier version of the other link/monitor.  Worked crappy (very slow refresh, blurry black and white screen), but I'm sure they've improved since then.  It's a lot smaller, which is great, but again not something you'd want on your camera unless you were specifically engaged in a project that required it.

If you were joking about taking pictures of yourself but seriously wanted the ability to see the LCD from above so you could shoot down low or more "stealthily," you might consider a Vavarom loupe (http://www.vifocam.com/multi-finder-sale-20-off/).  Pretty pricey in my opinion, but if you have a need....  I haven't tried them, but it's hard to imagine using that little mirror (from above) for anything other than framing purposes.

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