5dMKIII: worst AWB eva???

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Re: Is this is a joke?

schmegg wrote:

showmetheprime wrote:

You can't tell orange when you see it? lol.

You can't tell sunset when you see it? lol.

This is absolutely awful.

It's actually quite indicative of the warm colour of the light in Australia at sunset.

It probably looks bad to you because you're used to everything having a false green tint in your images I'm guessing. Either that, or you are unfamiliar with the light in Australia.

To the OP -

I'd also respectfully suggest you are shooting too much if you are capturing 13000 shots during a triathlon event. I shoot motorsport and I wouldn't capture that many images in two full days.

If I was you I'd just switch to raw around sunset if you are concerned. That, and be a little more selective as to when you shoot and then use shorter bursts. You'll be glad you did when it comes time to reviewing your shots - and your shutter will love you longer for it too!

I can tell you right now that colour in that example is completely and utterly wrong. As to the volume of shots noosa tri had 3,500 bike riders come past me which accounts for the large volume on that shoot.

As i said before, i can correct the image in jpeg and raw, that is not the point. my point was the AWB goes haywire in direct sunlight at this time, and if cloud or shadows are present the AWB is near perfect.

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