Legacy/Manual Lenses for NEX under $250?

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Re: Consider Pen-F again

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The Pen-F 38/1.8 is not more expensive as a Canon FD 35/2 SSC. I had both and would go with the Pen-F, because it fits a NEX so well. It is as sharp as the Canon in the center. Corner performance is acceptable and good from f/4. The Pen-F 40/1.4 is a gem, but a bit more expensive. I started a Pen-F thread here. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50054079

Zink: i actually read your post a few weeks back! if you were to pick 3 oly lenses..which ones would you pick...? and could you provide rough market prices as well?

For an all round setup, I would go with the 20/3.5, 40/1.4 and 100/3.5.

If you start with one lens, go for the 38/1.8 or the more expensive 40/1.4. They make your camera very compact and the optical quality is wonderful. Also, they focus close at 35cm. The 40/1.4 has better bokeh, which makes it a good portrait lens also.

The Pen-F teles are all very good. The 100/3.5 is not very expensive.

Some of the wides can have poor corner performance. I had the 25/2.8, but I sold it and bought an OM 24/2.8, a very good performer in the corners. After a while I found a 20/3.5 for a very good price. I like it a lot, and the corners are good when stopped down. On the NEX, I tend to choose portability over absolute quality. The OM 24/2.8 is a better lens then the 20/3.5, but I sold it because I always choose to take the 20/3.5 with me. I never want to carry a camera bag, so everything, including the camera needs to fit in my pockets.

About the market:

1. On ebay: BE PATIENT!

2. Look for items in local shops.

3. Beautiful lenses with original caps and cases are very expensive, but scratched lenses without caps will work just as well on your NEX.

For fair items, I would pay € 100-125 for the 38/1.8, € 150-200 for the 40-1.4, € 75 for the 100/3.5. The wides are more expensive. The 25/4 is nice, but I would not buy it for over € 150. The 20/3.5 makes more sense and can be bought for € 200, but it will not be better then the kit zoom. I bought it, because it was very cheap in a local shop and it adds flexibility to a very portable setup.

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