5D3 + 50L + Outer AF points = Much Sadness

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Re: Thanks.......

DFPanno wrote:

Appreciate your detailed post.

Note that I have no problems whatsoever with the center; all handheld.

If I use identical technique but utilize a lateral cross-type focus point it is always out of focus.

I'm pretty sure it is an equipment, not technique, issue.

Your advice remains very important to keep in mind in any case.

In my experience with the 5DII, this may not be a focusing but a lens problem.

When used wide open, Canon's 50mm lenses are quite sharp at the center, but much less so towards the FF edges. So if you focus on an eye located near the edge of the FF frame, the eye lashes will be visibly less sharp than if they are located near the center (which they are if you use the center focus area).

The softness will be less obvious with apsc cameras (like my 6oD) which use only a central part of the field covered by the lens, and it will be less obvious with longer lenses or with the 70-200 Canon zooms. And it is more obvious with most wide angles.

The superior focusing system of the 5DIII which is an invitation to focus on the edges with the lens wide open is likely to show the lens problem more clearly.

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