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Re: D600 exposure article

Okay, this baffles me.  First, given that these are supposed to be professionals, why didn't they test the d600 against a light meter to establish correct exposure?  Comparing it to other DSLRs is primitive and gimicky.  Second, is one (or two) malfunctioning cameras really news?  Despite the hundreds of thousands of cameras sold without exposure complaints, can we honestly have a discussion about whether the D600, as a model, has an exposure issue?  This makes for great advertising for borrowlens.com (look! we've got a video blog) but an idiotic conversation.  Third, from the looks of their original picture, the D600 exposed correctly and the 6D under-exposed.  Sure, with the multi-camera test the Nikon was hot, but what the hell does it mean without a light meter as an un-baised test?  If you were only using the D600, it would be given you the correct exposure; it's only against a light meter that the user would run into an exposure problem (the meter telling you to crank up the ISO, for instance).  And still:  it's two cameras.  If this compaint came from a random poster here, we'd say "return it and get another-- that's a one in a hundred thousand problem."

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