X-E1 Quick Menu Basic Setting "quirk" or user misunderstanding?

Started Dec 6, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: X-E1 Quick Menu Basic Setting "quirk" or user misunderstanding?

yeah I posted something similar and provided Fuji some direct feedback.

I don't know if the Q menu is typical for cameras (I've never had one before but I am a web software designer) but it doesn't work the way it would on an iPhone or similar in terms of intuitive use, specifically for saving settings and allowing multiple custom settings.

The 'obvious' way to do it would be to have the top left value (Basic, Custom 1, etc) be treated more significantly as a 'page' of settings (and allow the page name to be changed e.g. to "Portrait"). As you scroll through the 'pages' (which you *could* do as now by using the top-left box, but I would recommend promoting the page name to a top full-width horizontal row on its own) then the settings on each page would reflect the values from that 'page'. If you *change* any settings then there's a couple of options for the design:

1) automatically remember the changed settings on the page you're currently on

2) leave all changed as temporary unless the user clicks some 'save' option, e.g. by holding the Q button down.

But this would be more intuitive, 'Basic' settings would not get mixed up as now, ALL settings on the Q menu page could be stored as a custom set (some aren't included currently, e.g. picture format), and you wouldn't need the separate 'customs settings' menu to edit the stored values.

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