Olympus OMd or A77?

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Re: Olympus OMd or A77?

markymark101 wrote:

There's not a real good fast telephoto option native to m43. I use the pany 45-200 - it's slowish, but I use it maily for wildlife photos when hiking, and it serves that purpose decently enough.

If you needed a fast telephoto the oly 75mm (150mm equiv) would provide a bright lens, but perhaps not the length.

If pany/oly had a native m43 prime lens say 150mm or 200mm, that would probably make a lot of action shooters happy. There are 4/3 options but you'd need an adaptor.

I would guess that neither Olympus, nor Panasonic, nor any other DSLM manufacturer haven't produce telephoto lenses similar DSLRs for three major reasons:

1. Really expensive. It wouldn't make sense to buy a cheap body for expensive lens and v.v., so those who buy expensive lenses would probably also prefer more advanced bodies.

2. The size and weight of these lenses is too much for small bodies. The system size will be determined by the lens, so again, those who need such lenses would probably prefer big professional bodies as well.

3. Those lenses are likely to have big heavy focusing elements. That means they would drain the small batteries and they will be very slow to focus with CDAF, so they will be useless for their target market.

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