Olympus OMd or A77?

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Pls, not again ...

Keith Schmidt wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

Naruto2000 wrote:

Into a forum i read that EVF has lag when you shutter or he takes a slow effect with night fast sport shots.

Its true for A77 and OMD or only for OMD ?.

Fot 70-200 equivalent what do you use ? I use this focal very rarely but sometimes people ask me sports shots .

There are no native lenses suitable for sports. You may try Panasonic 35-100/2.8, but it's only equivalent to 70-200/5.6 full frame, which everybody who shot indoor sports knows is too slow. The other problem with sports is lack of a good continuous AF, and until a good hybrid PDAF/CDAF solution appears, the FF DSLRs will continue to be the king of the sports.

That's a bit misleading. The 35-100 2.8 brings in just as much light as a 70-200 2.8, so it's no worse in that regard for indoor sports. It's f5.6 in terms of DOF though, so you won't get as much background separation. I haven't used one yet, so can't comment on focus speed.

This has been explained so-o-o-o many times before, I can't believe there are still people not aware of a lens light gathering properties. I repeat it again, Panasonic 35-100/2.8 collects the same amount of light as FF 70-200/5.6 lens -- it's the effective aperture that determines how much light is gathered on the sensor, not the f-stop, and in both cases it's 35.7 mm. Just do yourself a favor, search the forum, it was explained many times, and read some blogs: http://www.stanmooreastro.com/f_ratio_myth.htm, http://www.clarkvision.com/articles/does.pixel.size.matter/#The_f_ratio_Myth

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