If you could only have one prime lens, what would it be?

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Re: If you could only have one prime lens, what would it be?

Draek wrote:

Though in a way I feel the whole discussion is somewhat irrelevant. Personally, I picked my choices based on simple practicality; I didn't reject the notion of a 300mm prime because "it's not how I see the world", I rejected it because interacting with the subject of a half-body portrait at the distances mandated by such a lens requires either a phone or a good set of lungs. If I shot mostly architecture I'd have chosen a wide-angle around 21 or 24mm instead, and if I shot wildlife I would've discarded anything below 100mm right off the bat.

Thanks for your comments -- very insightful. You've taken this in the right direction -- that one's choice is based on what you need to do with it... your 'simple practicality.'

And I guess even our personal angle-of-view differs. I'm near-sighted, and I wear glasses, so the area of view that I'm aware of is different than someone who doesn't wear glasses.

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