Looking for a good walk about lens for D800

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Re: Looking for a good walk about lens for D800

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

inasir1971 wrote:

Has anyone compared the output using one of these lenses like the AF-S 24-85 to what something like the Sony RX100 or a micro four thirds (like the Olympus E PL-5 also around $650) with standard zoom or a prime is like?

You appear to be making the assumption that the lens isn't up to the resolution of the high MP cameras for which Nikon designed it. The 24-85VR outresolves the D800e through most of the frame, depending on FL and f stop, as always, which would make the center to mid a whole lot better than the RX100 or anything else Sony. As well,the edges are not always critical for a particular shot, being either out of focus or not important to the composition. For edge-critical work, primes are mostly the tool of choice.

The RX100 for example costs around the same as the 24-85 - might that be a better or just as good alternative to a D600/D800 with the 24-85? Are we trying too hard to use the big DSLR just for the sake of using it?

Nah. Everything is better on the big camera except portability.


The impression that I got from some reviews was that it couldn't resolve the D800. Some reviews have been favorable, while others have been much less so - sample variation?

I briefly had a 24-120 f/4 VR but that was hopeless anywhere outside the center. Now having seen some other images I am suspecting that I may have had a bad sample...

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