D800E at B&H???

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Re: D800E at B&H???

I had a very interesting evening at one of the local camera shops I frequent.  I was fortunate enough to test 3 cameras  and remarkable lens, the sigma 35 1.4

I tested the 6D first.  It seems to at least equal the 5D3 if not surpass it in file quality.  However, it's not much of a difference and while the 6D was quite accurate (very accurate) with all of its focus points, it's too much of a step down in ergonomics for me to seriously consider it.

I tested the 5D3 (I must admit I'm not sure I should have sold it).  It was perfect with the Sigma 35.  Accurate with all points.  This lens by the way is very, very sharp wide open.

Finally, I tested yet another D800.  I was fortunate enough, as this shop had just received their first Sigma 35 for f-mount.  I was quite excited to use the combo, yet, my excitement quickly dissolved upon using said combo.  While accurate with the center point, yet again, the outer points would backfocus quite a bit, on the left side more than the right, but both sides were affected.  The salesperson informed me that this particular demo was one that they had had out for months (serial # 3002xxx) and that they were getting a fresh batch of D800E's either tomorrow or Monday.

I'll be purchasing the D800E and the Sigma 35 when the body arrives and I'll keep my fingers crossed.  However, if it shows any sign of the AF defect, I'll be going back to the 5D3.


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