Any list members using regular 4/3 lens with adaptors on OMD-E5's ?

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Re: Any list members using regular 4/3 lens with adaptors on OMD-E5's ?

I, too, came from the EOS system as well, where I spent most of my time with "L" glass Zooms.  28-70, 100-400, mainly. Anyway, when I switched to the E5, I was quite disappointed with the quality of the zooms.  So, I took that as a sign to do what I always wanted to do with the EOS system but couldn't afford & didn't want to lug: go all prime.  One learnsquickly that the long end is lacking in native m4/3s.

So, I use the 4/3s mount 150mm f/2 prime with the MMF-3 adapter. It is quite sharp, had to admit to myself today that it rivals the 300 f/4 L that I had.  Probably, better. However, AF is slow. What that means is that the you choose the focus point, and then have to wait for the lens to lock on. Sometimes, when you change subject that is deeper or closer from the previous focus point,  the lens noticeably hunts.  Now, depending on your attitude, that might be a problem.  I just take it as an opportunity to get better at manual focus and learning the nuances of the E5 AF system.

I don'regret the switch. Much better on my back & wallet, great quality, and making photos is fun & challenging again.  Learning and thinking about photography again is great.

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