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Re: The Nikon 24mm lens is a tack sharp piece of gear! (img)

It seems like, with your wedding pix, especially, the color and exposure are a bit off. Have you......... ever calibrated your monitor? Since you haven't, I thought I'd make your quik-snap look a little better for you. Hope you don't mind? I don't mind.

I only made a couple subtle changes. Basically I just corrected the purple color fringing because you stupidly shot an action scene at 1.4 on a wide angle lens from ~10 meters away from your dead-centered subject for no particularly good reason in direct sunlight. I can't really fix your silly, wasteful, and all-out amateur use of a wide angle lens, though.

You also included Linda who photographs every single image from the same height/position, so all of her images are equally boring and lacking in creativity, similar to yours. I wanted to take the emphasis off her and that dumb building you decided to include in your "severe crop," (instead of the other half of the obviously irrelevant wedding party?) so I used a subtle vignette to de-emphasize those distracting elements, bringing (tack sharp) focus back to the true gem of this snapper.

Just remember, good wedding photos are all about high clarity. Brings out details. So I bumped that up even more. I also fixed their skin tones. Needed more saturation, they looked dull and lifeless. If they look off to you, it's probably because your monitor is not calibrated properly.

Don't hesitate if you need any further help. I'll try to help when it's obvious you need help. So you can get better. And yes, you can get better. Eventually, if you try hard enough, you'll suck. At that point, mediocrity is right around the corner. Keep snappin that flap and flappin your trap. It's only a game!

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