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Re: best always to not buck the software

Robert Hoy wrote:

The problem is the Metro interface was designed for use with a touch screen. I've no doubt that it works very nicely with a hand-held touchscreen, but it's simply inappropriate for a desktop system with a mouse, keyboard and large monitor.

Although I haven't used Win8 yet, it seems to be a desktop style design. This is how people have been using Windows on a large part for years. Everyone's computer desktop I see has their commonly used program and document icons on the desktop and they go into the Start Menu for system programs or rarely used programs. From the surface this might be how Win8 was designed - going with how people use their computers.

I agree with your comments.  The Metro start screen is just a program launcher.  I had all my "normal" programs docked in the task bar and simply launched my programs from there, as you comment most people do.  I only used the Start menu for obscure programs.

Like you I have not tried Win 8 but I can't see what the fuss is about?  Remove the Metro tiles you don't like, Arrange your normal programs at the start of the Metro screen and what is the problem?  I can see myself arranging programs in groups eg Photography, Office, Utilities etc.  Actually, as I type this it makes sense - better than a row of icons on the task bar.

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