LLoyd Chambers is right

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Re: LLoyd Chambers is right

FlowTrader wrote:

The more negative remarks that Fuji sees. The more potential that Fuji is to fix it. I'm not raining on anyone's parade.

I have to agree. He's 100% right. It's on Fuji to get this ball rolling. I've sent them 3 friendly inquiring emails- no response.

As a dedicated LR user, I'm not buying an X-pro1 until this gets remedied. And imo, it's long overdue. No adobe raw support is 100% unacceptable in 2012. And Suckypix ain't cutting it.

I've wanted this cam since it was announced, but the appeal is fading fast, especially with a new year( new camera announcements) right around the corner. I wish every member here would start a seperate thread about it. Flood the forum with it I say.

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