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There's a point whereby you can over analyze a certain issue. It's a tad bit over the edge to state the X-E1's images as being "unusable" and "unacceptable". Does anyone seriously believe a bride and groom are going to say "these photos are unacceptable and unusable"? They're going to look at the photos taken with the X-E1 and say "how beautiful"! Because that's what they are. The same goes for portraits, scenery, street photography or whatever. The primary usage of a camera is to produce an eye pleasing photograph. Well over 90+% of people who look at an X-E1 produced photograph are going to say "wow". They're not going to give a bloody farthing that Adobe Light Room doesn't render the RAW image correctly. I think some of the DPreview forum subscribers fail to realize that only a minute fraction of X-Pro1 or X-E1 users even visit these forums. They're oblivious to their cameras' alleged faults and short-comings. They go about their merry ways, snapping their shutter buttons and enjoying the camera and resultant photos. They're the lucky ones because they aren't weighed down by the angst and hand-wringing brought on by over-analyzing the mechanics of the camera.

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