36+ MP cameras and 8K TVs

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36+ MP cameras and 8K TVs

Japan is considering rolling out 8K TVs (that correspons to approx. 33 megapixels) in future. They will be skipping 4K because they don't want to pay for infrastructure twice. One of the interviewees say that human eye cannot resolve beyond 8K, thereby making 8K TVs the ultimate displays in terms of resolution.


1) In this context I was wondering if this means Nikon D800 is a futureproof camera, at least in terms of resolution.

2) If human eye cannot resolve more resolution, what is the point of middle format cameras with higher resolution (other then obtaining more resolution if the images are cropped)?

3) What will be the difference, for instance, between viewing the 16 MP images and 32 MP images on such a display?

4) Moire is primarily associated with resolving power and the more the MP, the less moire would be.

In this context, if an 36MP image from D800 is viewed on this TV, would one see less moire than seeing it on its notebook for instance?

5) If the same image is produced with D800E, how does your answer change?

6) The reviews indicate that D800E has a tad better sharpness than D800 and unnoticable to untrained eye.

In this context, would the sharpness of the images from D800E be more prominent and discernible to the eye if viewed on such a TV?

Nikon D800 Nikon D800E
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