M9 Vs DLux4

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Re: Choi...

HuntingSand wrote:

Choi wrote:

I took the shot first, P followed after checking mine over the LCD.



Dear Choi,

A nice couple they make, these two! And if that was the point you were making, I would agree, it sometimes is uncanny how close the little guys come to the IQ of a full-specced APS-C or FF camera these days!

Yes, close but still a difference...:-))

BTW: I strongly object to you posting any more pics of landscapes with blue skies, wide-open ocean views and beaches! It is completely miserable and grey here in upstate NY, and your images from down yonder are not helping!

Dear Thomas, your words are my command.  I would seize posting sunny shots for the next 48 hours.  Hey, but you have Misha's master shot of Stockholm to relieve your misery....:-))



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