D lens data screws up TTL BL direct flash

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Mako2011 wrote:

Focus Position: 0x22..... not centered? What was the AF-Area mode?

The images aren't showing up so no EXIF...I'm trying to check focus distances and lens data...not sure 1.41m meters isn't right.

Thanks for posting EXIF

Images not showing up?  What's with that?  They seem to be there?   I don't understand this new forum software however.  I attempted to link them directly from my site, but the forum seems to have captured them here.

Focus not centered?  PhotoMe shows focus point of the original to be dead center.  Not that TTL BL is going to care.

You might imagine 1.4 meters could be right, but that is wrong too.

1), there is absolutely nothing present at 1.4 meters (no foreground objects).

2) My trusty tape measure is absolutely certain the distance was precisely 20 feet (6.1 meters).  Within one inch.  The whole point of the test is to show this lens cannot get it right.

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