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MikeFromMesa wrote:

MichaelRose wrote:

Since you already have Lightroom 4 (LR) (Your should be on 4.3 RC 858820) going to CS6 (PS) and ACR 7.3 would give you complete integration in your workflow.
Like when you need to send a RAW file to CS6 for extra processing and then have it return to LR as a *.psd.
The Lightroom 4.3 RC Develop Module is/uses ACR 7.3 as is compatible with CS6.

1) I thought LR always used TIFFs when calling a defined extenal editor.
1a) Are you saying that LR4 will use RAW images if a call is made to CS6?
Then how can it include any changes made in LR before the call? Surely it does not try to mimic all of the available raw formats, does it? Or perhaps I misunderstood what you were saying?

2) A second question - how does the ACR in CS6 compare to the (internal) ACR for LR4? Are they the same? Or is one better or more flexible than the others? And, if so, which one?

I had not thought to upgrade from CS5 to CS6 because I use PS so rarely. LR serves for about 98% of my processing and I only need PS for those kind of things that cannot be done in LR - layers, image distortion and other rarely used functionality. I had planned to continue to use CS5 for that but, if CS6 is that much better than CS5, perhaps I should reconsider ...

1) Your can set LR to create either a PSD or TIFF file when you send a RAW image to PS.

To me a PSD makes more sense than creating a L A R G E TIFF file.

A PSD file is a loss-less, editable format that you can retain complicated settings in, if necessary, for later modification.

1a) LR will use your RAW image file and if any changes have been made to it LR creates a sidecar file (filename.xmp) containing those changes that are then read by the ACR plugin in PS.

2) The ACR Module in LR uses the same ACR plugin that PS uses— they are the same except:

  1. The background colors are different (can't be changed in PS)
  2. They have the same controls, but they are llaidout differently and are
    much harder to use in ACR within PS
  3. LR has an actual History for Undos like PS—
    ACR within PS only has multiple Cmd/Ctrl-Z Undos!
  4. Not to name drop, but Scott Kelby at his November 15th Seminar I attended in Washington, DC said that LR was so much easier to use than ACR within PS that he now does most of his processing LR— and he uses PS less and less...

3) If you don't upgrade to CS6 you'll be limited to the ACR version 6.7 plugin in PS5.


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