cleaning A77 sensor

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Re: cleaning A77 sensor

I suppose a fire hose and a leaf blower won't work.

In Canada if you can't fix it with Duct Tape, it's not worth fixing.  My back bumper is held together with a roll.  Truth be told most of it's still there, I couldn't find anything to cut the roll off so I knotted it.

I have a big bale of that weird dustless cleaning cloth and cut it in pieces.  I wrap the camera in the stuff in my backpack, and use little squares to clean lenses.  And that bulb blower you pull out and grin at women.

But here's the gin.  My pack, I use the wife's dust sucking machine the dog hates to clean it out.  Bang it upside down.  When I change lenses I have a piece of 2 foot square cloth that is dustless, doesn't have pieces come off it, etc.  Microfibre.  So like using the bag to take the film out of your camera in the good old days, I do a similar thing to change lenses.  I just leave enough room for my arms to go in.

This because a big gust of dust got into my a100 once, and that gummed it up so bad... I shook it out onto a paper and it started a mushroom plantation and 3 trees.

Someone should market a perfect see through gizmo you could operate just to do such a thing.  A clear plastic bag, a big enough one...hmmm....

I think duct tape is out...;)

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