A37 with 18-135 or A57 with 18-55??

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Re: A37 with 18-135 or A57 with 18-55??

Good glass stays useful longer than camera bodies that are subject to the increasingly frequent refresh cycles common to most electronic gear. And with that in mind, I would take the 18-135 over the 18-55 any day. I have both, but would definitely favor the 18-135.

Optically, I believe the same sensor and processing pipeline are at work in both cameras, although something is different enough that the A57 boasts slightly faster still frames per second. But truthfully, with identical glass and settings, the bodies should produce identical shots.

If you have handled both cameras in the store, and do not have an obvious attraction or aversion to the size of either one, that moves the decision point somewhat. Some people prefer the smaller size of the A37, but others prefer the larger size of the A57. I actually prefer the size of the A37, but went with the A57 for the following reasons:

  • Larger battery/capacity in the A57
  • Larger resolution/somewhat brighter LCD on the A57
  • Electronic level available for display on either the LCD or the EVF on the A57, but absent on the A37
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