Setting up efficient backup- RAID 1, Time Machine, and Offsite

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Re: Setting up efficient backup- RAID 1, Time Machine, and Offsite

TXNikonShooter wrote:

Hi all,

I'm looking for help maximizing my current hardware to easily maintain my archive and backups. I've got a 27" iMac, 1 TB internal storage that I use for system files, applications, iTunes, and LR4 catalog only (using about 130 GB). I don't store photo files on this machine.

I've got two 750GB FW800 drives I've been using for storage of my photo and other personal files that hold identical data. There is currently about 630GB of photo files on each of these drives.

I recently bought a 1TB Western Digital RAID (2 x1TB disks in one enclosure) to add to the layers of protection but I'm having a hard time deciding how to set this all up. Here is my current plan:

Keep iMac HDD as applications, iTunes only.

1TB RAID array for archive and storing future assignments, family shoots

1x 750GB external drive for Time Machine (I'll update this to a 2TB external drive in the near future)

1x 750GB external drive with a snapshot of my photo files to be stored off site at relatives' home/ wife's workplace (upgrade to a larger drive as needed). I'll bring it home every few weeks and use SuperDuper to take a clone from the RAID array to keep it current.

The Time Machine disk will keep me covered relatively well for backing up my iMac, and the RAID drive should do OK keeping two sets of files, should a disk fail, and the off site drive will protect against human error in ruining data on the RAID array.

Is this a logical use of the hardware I have? Really having difficulty deciding on setup here, for some reason. Any help would be appreciated!

I do exactly as you do (except for the offsite ) .. the only thing I'd comment on is if you are wireless that initial backup is a bit tricky. The only way to get this to work is do a wired backup initially and then a wireless backup for the increments (and setting that up is a bit tricky). Since you are on an imac if your time machine is wired in via anything (ethernet, firewire esata etc) its straight forward.
If you are feeling *lazy* though and your new increments aren't that much .. so 20-30 gigs a week or so. You may be able to do an incremental sync remotely over the net to your offsite location using rsync. You can get incremental time stamped backups via rsync as well pretty easily to prevent the user error accidentally wiping out your backup via user error on the raid side.
rsync is built into your mac btw:

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