Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

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Re: Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

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gdanmitchell wrote:

One could fake up a "Zeiss" lens by putting Zeiss branding on some lens made by someone else, and those who judge lenses by the brand name would swear up and down that the lens was magical.

In the only test of anything like that I've seen, 75% could tell Zeiss from Canon:


Web resolution images, 9 different lenses. Images are still on the first page, results are currently on the last page. I'd be curious to see how your test goes.

I don't think this means either are "magic" but I think it's pretty clear both brands have different rendering styles that photographers were able to notice. One can take those cues and use them as they please.

LENSES have different combinations of sharpness patterns (center versus corner, etc.), contrast, halation, and so forth - so it is no surprise at all that when presented with unaltered images from various lenses people can see that they are different.

I can see differences among my 17-40, 24-105, and 24mm f/1.4 L lenses at 24mm. I can see differences among my 70-200mm, 135mm f/2, and 100-400mm lenses at 135mm. Some key points:

  • None of these excellent lenses are "magical" or have some objective characteristic that might be described as "wow" quotient.
  • Depending upon the subject and shooting situation I might choose any of lens among each of the sets to shoot something at those two focal lengths.
  • I can produce photographs that have what might be characterized as a "wow" effect - people love them, and even purchase them - with any of these lenses.

That 3/4 of photographers can spot the Zeiss in a blind test, suggests that most will also be able to spot a fake "Zeiss" you proposed. That doesn't make Zeiss, Canon, nor any other brand magical but it suggests "putting Zeiss branding on some lens made by someone else" would be both spotted as different fairly quickly and wouldn't have many users singing the magical praises for long either.

Personally, if there's an advantage to any brand of lenses, I think it's mostly in the quality control department.

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