Computer Video Card and SSD for Photo Editing Speed

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xlr8or wrote:

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At least 8MB (and possibly 16MB) of RAM

Go for 16 GB. Your OS uses everything your applications don't use to cache running processes.

I was wondering if the Intel HD 4000 3D Graphics Card or the Intel Integrated 3D Graphics on CPU that some of the Intel chips are running would be sufficient for photo editing purposes.

Mine is essentially instantaneous and I don't have a graphics card with my i7/16GB/SSD+HDD system.

As a related question, I also have an interest in using an SSD as the boot disk for my OS, software programs, and possibly for a scratch disk for my photo editing. I know how much space my OS and programs will take. What would be a reasonable size SSD to use as a scratch disk for my photo editing along with its other uses as a boot disk, etc.

Get a 256GB SSD as a boot disk. Put your OS, applications, VM Paging File and scratch/preview files on it. You will have 50-100GB left over. You want to leave a fair amount of unused space on a SSD so the TRIM wear-balancing routine works efficiently and infrequently.

Also get an HDD for your data files. Your whole rig will consume around 75W; get a 200W power supply (not more) and you are all set.

I also think a battery-backup UPS is a good investment. "Surge protectors" provide very poor protection against the types of transients that occur during power failures, and your system will run smoothly through short interruptions and power itself down gracefully during long ones.

Thanks in advance!

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