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Re: Kyocera, not Cosina, made older Contax SLR lenses THANKS!

Eamon Hickey wrote:

stephenmelvin wrote:

Remember, Cosina manufactured all of the Contax mount Zeiss lenses
for SLR's.

I agree that Cosina has shown that they are capable of making superb lenses if allowed to charge a high enough price for them.

But the lenses for Contax 35mm SLRs were made by Kyocera, which also made the bodies and held the licensing rights to the Contax name for 35mm products. Kyocera ceased making Contax branded products recently. Kyocera was the actual company behind the Contax and Yashica brand names for the past 30 years or so.

Cosina makes the lenses sold under the Voigtlander name, and the new Zeiss-branded ZM lenses sold for the Zeiss film rangefinder camera, and now, apparently, the new Zeiss-branded ZF lenses for Nikon F-mount and the ZS lenses for Pentax screw mount.

Yes, a three year old thread, but the above tied off the last thread I have been searching on a lens I just purchased.


Was looking for a cheapish 28mm or 24mm to complement my new 28mm 2.8 AIS, just for infinity use and general work, and came across a 28mm 2.8 branded Zykkor.

What struck me was the complete difference to the Vivitars, Tokinas etc in build, it had the straight shaft of the Yashica Contax. Unusual, so I looked a bit more and found a few interesting things (after seeing a couple of in my opinion, impressive images):

Here goes:

- Fact:

- Zykkor filter thread, 55mm

- Zykkor weight approx 270 g

- Zykkor close focus about 20cm

- Contaz Yashica 28mm 2.8 Distagon filter 55mm

- Contax weight, approx 280 g

- Contax close focus, 25mm


- Build, Zykkor 28mm 2.8 is build incredibly similarly to the Contax Yashica 28mm 2.8. It is longer and straighter shafted than the other 28mm 2.8's, disctinctly so. The front and rear dimensions are also similar.

- Front and rear elements are very similar in size and placement.


- The Zykkor (at least one sample) only goes to f16 and the aperture stops are in opposite direction to the Contax (for the Niokon version ONLY). The versions for other brands are the same 2.8 to 22 and other direction for f stops.

Reason? - maybe to make the Zykkor common to the Nikon lens line, because it was apparently issued as a lens for the FM2, so outsourced and thus surely it would have been fairly simple for the maker to adjust the mechanism to suit Nikon? This would not have impacted the lens elements and design.

Other little things:

Both of the two guys who wrote a little on this lens, noted how well made it is, thus it had to be made by a good company. I am writing this because there is a lack of information on this lens on the net.


Based on my searching for scarece infomation on the Zykkor 28mm 2.8 and what I found, pieceing together, and noting the above re Kyocera and its link with Contax / Yashica and that the Zykkor is completely different to the other generic lenses, yet matches the Contax Zeiss in many specs, and knowing (based on a few different sites mentioning) that this lens was outsourced or in some way packaged with Nikon directly, I suspect that the Zykkor 28mm 2.8 is actually the Contax Zeiss Distagon 28mm 2.8 and was manufactured also by Kyocera, for Zykkor who sold to various brands or for various brands including Nikon under the Zykkor name.

Thankfully I was blessed to get an apparent almost mint version today, awaiting shipment now. At a great price! At a fraction of the branded Contax Zeiss Distagon and already with AI mount . So, here sharing the maybe (incorrect or not) idea.


It would take a lens tech to open the lens to compare with the Contax Yashica Distagon to examine groupngs to confirm or deny my suspicion.

I am not a lens tech nor plan on taking the lens apart.


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