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Re: What if you are using CS5 from LR4

JJMacks wrote:

For me LR $300 cost was too much just for its superior image organizational library that I have no need of. I don't have any desire for a second interface over Adobe's RAW conversion engine so I would not use its develop module. LR is not an image editor has no layer support at all.

I have only used lightroom beta releases which gave me problems and didn't impress me. For it didn't have any feature I had a need for that wasn't in Photoshop and Photoshop has so much more Photoshop should for its $700 price tag.

If I wanted to give Adobe $300 more I would consider Photoshop extended before Lightroom. I know may prefer using LR for RAW conversion. They also mainly want to do RAW conversion without any real image manipulation. Shoot develop print.

Fair enough. It all depends upon what you need or want to do in processing your images.

Typically I only find the need for LR's Basic (WB, exposure, highlights, shadows, white and black point, clarity, etc), HSL, Color, Detail (sharpening and NR), Lens Calibration functionality and some basic masking and/or Heal/Clone and cropping.

Looking at this list after I entered it, it does not seem like such a small set of functionality. I don't actually even use the DAM functionality built into LR at all and I have not had any use for most of the modules. They could strip out the Book, Print and Web modules and I would say "well done".

As you say there is some PS functionality that is not available in LR. Layers, image transform functionality, HDR, panos and the like. In general I either use PS for these or I use some very nice specialty applications (Layers - PerfectMask, HDR - SNS-HDR, panos - Panorama Studio, and so on). I guess I find LR sufficient for most of my needs and I find the interface and the way I am forced to work with PS time-consuming. I can do my "work" (I enjoy it too much to really consider it work) in a more relaxed way and in a more comfortable work-flow. But I understand that all of the LR functionality is also in Photoshop and, if you deal comfortably with the PS UI, then there is no need to use LR.

LR costs have come down and new releases are available at about half the cost you mentioned. I bought LR3 on a further sale and felt it was a very reasonable cost. But, of course, if you don't use it, it is wasted money no matter how inexpensive.

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