Is prior DSLR ownership needed to appreciate a NEX?

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Re: Is prior DSLR ownership needed to appreciate a NEX?

Larry251 wrote:

Do you think to fully appreciate the NEX (or another mirrorless camera for that matter) one really needs to use a DSLR first?

I think people not coming from a DSLR probably aren't making enough of a transition. It probably wouldn't be enough of a transition for them into a entry level DSLR either. There is a reason photography classes used old manual Pentax K1000 in teaching photography. It throws you into a world where you have to learn.

It's not just a matter of having a camera that will give you more control over the decisions in creating a photo, the Nex cameras or an entry level DSLR will give that to you, it is also the attitude that you want this control, and are more willing to say it's your skills that are lacking, than the cameras technical features, when you aren't getting the results you want. You have to want to learn and experiment and maybe that's the biggest issue.

If I hadn't of bought my first DSLR/SLR, and instead have started when cameras like the Nex or the Pens were out on the market, I probably would be using them like I used my bridge camera, letting it make the decision and not really learning anything. I spent too much money on my first DSLR and lenses to do that, and it didn't have scene modes, not quite a K1000, so it was a new experience where I couldn't fall into the habits I had used with my bridge camera. I had my wife giving me that look when things weren't going that well to drive me on, as well as my desire to pursue something I couldn't afford when I was younger. You know that look whether you are the one receiving it or the one giving it. Five years later and I'm still getting that look, but now I at least know why I didn't get the results I wanted.

Edit: I see sdyue said the same while I was writing this, so this post is just me shaking my head in agreement to what has been posted.

Thank you

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