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Re: Rx100 vs Nex

I have a NEX5 and am contemplating selling it for an RX100 (or another high-end compact) as I find the size of the NEX too big for what I want to use it for (mainly concerts, holidays and going out in the evening). I find the NEX takes too long to focus in low light indoor situations.

I am not even sure whether the RX will fit my needs, or whether I should be thinking along the lines of the LX7 or XZ2 (due to the faster lens for gigs).

Anyone able to confirm whether the LX7 and/or XZ2 would suit my needs better for the low light indoor photography that I mainly use a camera for?

The only reason my mind keeps swaying back to the RX is due to the automatic lens cap and the fact that the video will be better than the other 2 cameras in my shortlist (although the LX cameras have nearly always had good reviews in this respect).

I have used my parents HX9V for some gigs, but when shooting indoors, the shots result in being smudgy and sometimes out of focus (at the long end).

I just hope that Sony release a hybrid HX/RX camera in the near future (with the new sensor that they were recently talking about... longer zoom on a larger sensor) to include a 12mp 1/1.7" sensor, f/1.8-f/3.2 aperture with a 10x zoom in an HX20V sized metal body. This will suit me fine if it ever became a reality; one can always dream!

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