Got my camera, 1st thoughts, So what would you do today

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Re: Got my camera, 1st thoughts, So what would you do today

Jasonsmom wrote:

Came in the mail yesterday afternoon. After battery charging it was too dark outside to do anything much and had my son's Christmas show to go to. Took new D5100 and old Coolpix L20 to show. The new camera pictures were not great but better than my old camera. Took many pictures with D5100 but most were out of focus. Hoping this was my lack of skill, I've read others having focus problems at low light.

I am very happy I got the 55-300mm lens vs the 55-200mm. The extra range I think will make a difference.

Thanks to everyone here for all the help.

getting ready for the show

So if you got your 1st DSLR today. What would you do? Should I sit with the book and go over and over and over, or should I take it outside and play? By the way, it's unseasonably warm today.

A bit late but here are a couple of tips for shooting End of term shows/Nativity plays.

1) Shoot raw. The colour balance of the lighting is going to be all over the show and there is no chance the camera will deal with it itself. Adjusting colour balance is easy in RAW conversion. Most scenes will some white in them and you can colour balance from that.

2) Wind the ISO setting up. Don't be afraid to shoot at ISO 3200 or 6400.

4) Slightly overexpose. You recover any blown highlights in RAW conversion where backing off the exposure to recover highlights will give better control of noise.

3) Shoot aperture priority mode but watch your shutter speed, if it dips much below 1/60th bump the ISO up another stop.

Here are a couple from this years village panto from back in January.

Hope this helps


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