Computer Video Card and SSD for Photo Editing Speed

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Re: Computer Video Card and SSD for Photo Editing Speed

I think you'll find that the Intel HD graphics (built into the i5/i7 CPU & Z77 chipset) is more than adequate for LR & PS.  Besides, you can always add a separate graphic card later if you feel the need.

I would suggest that you go with 16GB of RAM.  DDR3 RAM is so cheap now that there's no reason not to get 16GB.  Just yesterday I saw a sale on Kingston RAM- 8GB (2x4GB 1600 speed) for $30 (US).

As for the size of the scratch disk required, to a large extent it will depend upon how much RAM you have and the size of your files.  With 16GB of RAM, you probably won't need a huge scratch disk unless you work with very large files with many layers.

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