Some subjects I DON't see in the Nikon 1 System Talk forum

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Re: Some subjects I DON't see in the Nikon 1 System Talk forum

wlad wrote:

the reasons are obvious:

  • a mirrorless camera won't have any issues related to shutter mechanics of DSLRs
  • large DOF may hide the fact that camera did not exactly nail the focus
  • the speed of AF & processing power is really great
  • the constant complainers (gearheads) do not buy Nikon 1 cameras. In fact they still haven't dealt with the fact that the Nikon mirrorless product line is not APS-C based. People with Nikon 1 cameras are either beginners, or those who bought the camera for the fun factor.

+ 1.

It reminds me of high end stereo equipment buyers.  They will spend an enormous amount of money on things like $1000 speaker cables b/c they "claim" that normal speaker cables sound "bad."  Even though results cannot be replicated with blind testing, they will claim "problems" with certain equipment that may or may not exist.  Frankly, if they had sound so much, why do they treat audio as a hobby?

In some ways, cameras are the same thing.

I bought my J1 for fun and I am having fun.

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