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Re: can't wait for socilaized medicine

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

While the medical field is important, I suppose, WAY too many in it are overpaid. YOu could be paid $80k a year and get by better than 90% of americans and lower the costs to the rest of us with not getting pad that other $200k
I just had bloodwork done and the bill was $386. The 'insurance co discount' was $312, leaving $15 paid by the insurance company and I pay $59, so they actuall got $74 - and I"m sure they made a nice profit on that $74 (based on what a friend that managed a testing lab for 30 years has told me their costs were)
I've seen similar smoke and mirrors for every dr visit, hospital visit, etc my whole life.

But I digress.

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It is because, despite conservatives claiming they are trying to save market based medical pricing from Obama, it is not really market based.

Do you really have an opportunity to shop or negotiate your prices?  NO (do you really want to?)

Do the health insurance companies provide any real push back on prices?  NO (they are a pass - thru entity)

Do non-US countries independently test drugs that have already been thoroughly ($$$) tested and approved by the FDA?  NO

If Bill Gates wanted to help humanity and donated some of his millions to open up 50 new medical schools, would the AMA be happy about that and cooperate with him?  NO  (too many new doctors)

Do doctors make more money by providing better preventative care and early detection?  NO

Was the cost of medical care in the US a problem 100 years ago before health insurance and increases in expensive "miracle" technologies?  NO

Many, many vendor industries just "stand next to" medical establishments and become wealthy from the wasted money that blows by them and they latch onto.  People do not shop and negotiate prices with someone that is going to make them healthy or save their life.  Instead, some defer the early treatment they should have because they are trying to save money, and increase the cost to everyone when they are very sick, because we use an insurance-based system.

Sorry for adding on.

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