Informal poll: How many of you are "hybrid" shooters?

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Re: Informal poll: How many of you are "hybrid" shooters?

tomnorth wrote:

A recent thread comparing the GH3 to the D800 got me wondering how many folks are hybrid shooters, meaning they move back and forth between still photography and video freely within the same shoot. I'm curious what camp folks fall into of the categories listed below:

  1. Almost exclusively a stills shooter
  2. Mostly stills with some video mixed in
  3. Stills and video, captured within the same shoot (i.e. hybrid shooter)
  4. Stills and video, but not on the same shoot...different projects
  5. Mostly video with some stills mixed in
  6. Almost exclusively a video shooter

I will self identify as being in category 1.

Here is the data at this time. I had to make a few judgment calls, but this should be pretty close. For those that said they were right between a 1 and 2, I counted them as a 2.

1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2. xxxxxxxxxx

3. xxxxxxx

4. xx

5. x


Thanks for participating. I was just curious where folks were at on this around here. Clearly, there is a stills shooter leaning among this sample.

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