Can you recommend a camera for someone with MS?

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Re: Can you recommend a camera for someone with MS?

sanchil wrote:

MtnBikerChkCT wrote:

My sister in law doesn't have a lot of dexterity in her fingers but she's always taking pictures with those disposable cameras. I'd love to get her a simple digital camera for Xmas (figure she can take the card to CVS and print the ones she wants).

Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.




This query is a bit like a su-do-ko puzzle ... not an easy question to answer at all ... .

I suggest that you look out for a canon model marketed as ixus or elph. They keep coming out with new models all the time and it is generally an excellent point and shoot. Now, I do know that there may be tonnes of other cameras which may do better but ixus/elph is generally, a very popular point and shoot.

There is very little difference these days in the image quality of point and shoots marketed by various brands and so it may make more sense to go in for the one with the best discount offered. Do not go for ones which come with AAA batteries (not sure if they are still manufactured).

Hope that helps ....

- Sandeep

Apologies MBC ... can u ignore my last post? I did not grasp your requirement earlier. I believe you will need a camera that offers good image stabilization and high ISO support. Do check out the following models that do offer some image stabilization.

Panasonic ZS 10 or ZS 20

Also check out any other models that the store may have to offer ..

Sorry about that ...


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