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Mark H
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Your 'nits'...

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Mark H wrote:

I'm entirely unbiased, and open minded about all of this, and I have no invested interest in it either which way.

The protection of your ego occupies all of your energy and time it would seem.

You however, simply keep spamming the forum with links to your 'one size fits all' dogma, i.e. your 'how to shoot EXR like KL says' blog article.

I give many options with a summary of the best general settings for those who would like to try shooting that way.

Nothing Special: How to Shoot an EXR Camera

You, on the other hand, pick nits for sport. So off you go ... I think a saw a nit heading thataway

If you are seeing so many 'nit's' flying around you - just get some lotion, or just try shaving.

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