I see the monitor detail- how about prints?

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Re: I see the monitor detail- how about prints?

chooflaki wrote:

E_Nielsen wrote:

I was nervous about the portrait. My first portrait experiences with the DP2 Merrill were bad, as I made the mistake of showing the first ones to the subjects (victims) in electronic format. When viewed at 100% resolution, you can see every pore, wrinkle, and blemish on their faces. That didn't go over well, let me tell you! (I never heard a spontaneous chorus of "Delete it!" before.) However, the 16x24 print is gorgeous, and you see continuous skin tones and absolutely no grain or pixelation. The "lustre" surface of the paper has a silky smooth look to it, so that helps, too.

I tend to agree with you somewhat on portraits. I am impressed with the DP2M in all respects for !Q except when taking portraits that are meant to the make the subject look good or flattering. Far too much resolution and sharpness. The skin tones whilst good are no match for my older 6/12mp cameras like the Fuji s3 or s5 pro which were popular as specialist portrait and wedding cameras. Flattering portraits require some softness, not too much revealing resolution and excellent all round skin tones. I print up to 13 by 19 and the DP2M photos in normal lighting conditions are still too sharp and detailed, skin tones can be off and quite frankly, be ugly. May do a better job with proper studio lighting.

That's nice to know about the Fuji cameras for portraits. I know that my daughter's Fuji had great colors right out of the box.

That aside, I can't emphasize enough that the DP2M portrait in print form was a smashing success. It's really odd:  the portrait was too revealing in electronic format, but worked beautifully in print. There is no discernable grain, pixelation, or moire patterns. And while it is not what I would call a soft look, the print seems very real, yet remains flattering to the subject.

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