Second X E1 body with horizontal band defect.

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Re: Second X E1 body with horizontal band defect.

Hi IrishhAndy, I really think you're trying to find a problem where none exists.

1. Street photo

Is it realistic to lift underexposed areas by so much and expect it to be free from noise? Dark areas / underexposed areas of an image have low SNR (more noise to useful data) and by pushing them up to where you have in your street photo, you're simply accentuating the noise as seen with the magenta and green splotches including that line of magenta at the bottom. Have you noticed that the line on the top edge is not visible in the sky where there is high SNR?

2. Black frame

The black frame image where you've maxed out exposure, whites and shadow in LR resulting with those magenta lines at the top and bottom of the frame - again all you have done here is to amplify and accentuate noise.

Now, I may have a possible explanation to those magenta lines; it could just be read noise introduced when the camera is reading from the sensor and not visible in normal circumstances. It's made visible by pushing the shadows too far in underexposed images. These lines at the top and bottom edge are probably specific to the X-Trans.

Anyone reading can do the same thing with their cameras and come out with alarming images. With my camera for example (D7000); I took a black frame image at base ISO and performed the same changes in LR (max exposure/whites/shadow). The image had horizontal red banding throughout the entire frame but more concentrated at the bottom, however I'm not stressing about it and the camera is taking pictures just fine.

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