What you see is not what you get !

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What you see is not what you get !

I just want to deal my experince with you, please be constructive.

When checking the DOF in your viewfinder you are being cheated.

The viewfinder is divided into 2 parts.

1. the projecting on the mat screen

2. the optics looking at the projection on the mat screen.

The second part loses som light, but not much - this is not the important part.

The 1. part is more interesting, because that causes an increase in the DOF you see that is unwanted, when you want to judge the DOF.

In fact this means that it is not possible to judge the DOF below lets say f=8 on our current DSLR's. The function is just a gemic.

Verify by yourself. Take a picture with f=1.4, 2.8 end up to 8

Compare the picture taken with 1.4 with what you see in the viewfinder.

Supprised ? You might find that what you see in the viewfinder matches the picture taken with 5.6, this means that the viewfinder contributes with "4.2"

The effective appeture of the whole system is f_resulting = f_viewfinder+f_optic

If you disagree, fine with me, but this is my findings.

Flat view
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