Is prior DSLR ownership needed to appreciate a NEX?

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Re: Is prior DSLR ownership needed to appreciate a NEX?

Any Camera is a tool.  The artist "makes" the photo.  I made my way thru college and grad school, with a Yashica Mat (2 1/4 x 2 1/4 twin lens reflex) and a Kodak 35 Rangefinder.  I lusted for a SLR!  That didn't happen until the Asahi Spotomatic (Pentax later) came along--and I stuck with that brand until Digital appeared with the Canon D30.  I still prefer a DSLR for most shooting, but two years ago went to the NEX 5N, and now the NEX 6.  I also have a Caoon P & S with very low shutter lag and M setting, which is a pocket camera, and always with me.

The NEX series is a bridge between the P & S and DSLR--it has many features of both, including the very important size and weight issue.  My normal "kit" with DSLR is two bodies, and half a dozen Lenses, mostly L 2.8 or faster.  There is no question that the DSLR is a far better format and for me easier to use.  However, you cannot get away from some very awesome features in the NEX series.

I say that using a DSLR makes you a better photographer, if you are always learning, pushing the envelope etc. If you just use the auto functions, you may never go much further than you were with the P & S--but there are many great artists who still are using P & S cameras.

My grandchildren started on DSLR at age 6 and 9--now at 9 and 12 they are accomplished photographers, and understand manual shooting.  The 9 year old took a 6 week photoshop class this summer.  I would say that they are hooked for life on photography, because they learned the very basics of exposure, DOF, motion, composition, etc by using a manual DSLR.

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