The Refined 5DIII

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The Refined 5DIII

I’ve had all the 5D series. I came to Canon because then it was the only “full frame” option. (I’m used to visualizing the scene angle wise; for instance, this scene needs a 24 mm or this picture a 200mm narrow view, having come from many years as a 35mm film cameras owner.)
The 5DIII to me is the polished version, the pinnacle of the series. Here are some of the new touches that please me...

Professional Focus Acquisition
I was a 100% focus and recompose guy, (except with my 7D), and since I usually shoot at 5.6 to f11, I had no problems with the previous 5Ds, but this focus system is a whole new bonus.
I’m now a back button focuser, by which it’s in AI Servo mode while the button is held down and in One Shot mode with a single press. The joystick is my ready mover of the focus point or focus group.
I find for general use, the manual joystick selection of Focus Group to be sweet, otherwise, for really critical work I’ll use joystick selection of Single Point. The Focus Group even at its non central positions even works well with my 100-400L f4.5 - 5.6.

Silent Shutter Mode
I’m a user of Silent Shutter Mode 99% of the time! Only if I need 6 frames a second, which is rare, I’ll take it off silent mode. I’m addicted to the quiet and I believe, less vibration.
Locked Mode Dial

I used to use black tape to secure the Mode Dial, now, the ‘button press’ to change mode is much appreciated. That dial would often switch when taking my gear from the camera bag or sometimes while hanging from my shoulder and brushing against me. It did not happen a lot but I swear when it did it was an important moment!

Dust Free Sensor
The 5D was bad, the 5DII poor to OK and this one is stellar as far as no dust specks appearing in the sky area. I’ve had my 5DIII 7 months, 6000 exposures, now and even at f11, usually my smallest opening, I still see NO dust bunnies. That is certainly better than once a month or every second month of cleaning respectively with the other two models.

Gorgeous LCD Preview Playback
I may be hallucinating here, but I swear the instant playback quality of my images is gob smacking gorgeous on the 5DIII.

Improved Auto ISO control
I believe that in today’s photography there are 3 fluid, variable, and simultaneous auto settings for exposure. (I know this is going to be controversial -but to fix ISO and select only one of the other two variables hankers back to film days when only one ASA was allowed per roll of film.) Today, I select one of the THREE to be fixed and the camera, through the light levels, (automatically) selects the other two. The word automatically is bracketed because I will sway its choice, frequently, with a + or - Exposure Compensation adjustment.

For instance, I’ll set f8 in AV mode and let the camera choose Shutter Speed AND ISO with me setting EC where necessary. My Auto ISO settings are: Minimum Shutter Speed 1/60, with an ISO range of 200 to 3200, since the 5DIII is virtually noiseless between those numbers. And that minimum SS and ISO is suitable with all my lenses since they all have IS (except the 17-40L).

I do not use Auto ISO all the time. Flash portraiture and flash close-up work or available light stage work are exceptions where all settings are Manual.

Example of off centre Focus Group acquisition on 100-400L @300mm

Example of back button AI Servo, IS on, 100L

So nice to have dust bunny free skies (f8, 24-105L)

All manual settings (5.6 @1/60, 170mm, ISO1600, 100-400L)

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