RX1 Showing In Stock

Started Dec 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
sroute Senior Member • Posts: 2,497
Re: RFill me in on any buyer strategy

Hughesnet wrote:

I actually already told you how in your other thread where you asked the same question. Go through the list of Sony authorized sellers nationwide and call them. Many will have stock right now.

I deal with a pro / consumer photo retailer on the U.S. west coast and they've not yet received their stock yet - eta is Dec 14 - 17th, somewhere in there. They aren't huge but are one of the larger shops in their area. I believe they placed their orders just after Photokina and mine is #1 on their list but since then others have signed up for a camera. There may be one or two unspoken for cameras in their first shipment - they'll let me know if so and I'll post a notice here with contact details.

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