Upgrade CS6 question

Started Dec 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
MikeFromMesa Senior Member • Posts: 2,849
What if you are using CS5 from LR4

JJMacks wrote:

CS6 has some very worthwhile improvements. If you shoot RAW the ACR improvement is worth the price of the upgrade alone.

Is the ACR change in CS6 any different from the ACR built into LR4?

For me, CS5 (which I currently have) is there only for those things I cannot do in LR4. For the most part there are not many, but I generally think of launching CS5 from LR4 and so the raw conversion has already been done and LR is only passing along a TIFF. Hence the first question - is the ACR in CS6 significantly better than that in LR4?

And the second question - Is CS6 better for those using LR4 for their main processing and (generally) only launching it as an outside editor for LR4?

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