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Re: Help with backlit subjects

designdog wrote:

Sorry to not have been a clear as I could with my OP. I have pretty good with photography for a long time, so I know the basics of backlit subject shooting, fill flash, etc. My approach to photography is to try to get as close as possible to what I am seeing with my eyes when I shoot the photo. I don't like fill flash, I don't really care for flash of any kind.

Well in matters of taste there can be no dispute as they say, but could I pester you to be more specific and describe what it is you don't like about this shot:

which was taken at 1/1000 with fill - something you can do with your X100, but not your X Pro1

or this shot:

also shot at 1/1000

or this shot:


What I was looking for with my post was help in dealing with backlit subjects with these particular cameras — the X100 and X Pro1. Since I have been using them I have had a problem with backlit subjects. It is either something to do with the dynamic range options, or with the metering. This is not a problem for me with my 7D, or other cameras I have and have used.

Can you point to some examples that would make me less likely to disbelieve this statement?

I am sure this is operator error on my part. I keep the DR set to 100 and shoot in jpeg+raw...

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