Camera Upgrades: a striking analogy

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Re: Camera Upgrades: a striking analogy

Bought my first dslr half frame with a kit lens six years ago. Added a WA zoom and tele zoom in that time period. This month bought a new body that will take the same lenses. Mostly did this because my wife wants a dslr and is willing to take the old body.

I moved from a Nikon D50 to a 5100. Because the 5100 is being replaced by the 5200 the body was only $400. I can afford the 7000 model body but at twice the price it did not seem to deliver twice the extra features - plus it will be "old" sometime in 2013 anyways.

I guess I am the exception of many people on this site. I'm at the point in my life that I could afford a full frame camera now - but approaching 60 years of age I doubt my eyes will notice the subtle differences in the improvement!

I just had a 2 ft by 3 ft canvas done of a landscape shot on the D50 6 Megapixel and it looks great (shot in RAW). I'm sure my 5100 will take better pictures but I go with the "law of diminishing returns" comment seen earlier.

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